Water Treatment

Water Softner / DM Plant


Technical Specifications

  • For hygienic and soft water for hotels, restaurants, textile, residences and apartments.
  • High purity of water for dialysis units in hospitals.
  • Suitable for industries to reduce regeneration of chemicals.
  • Most economical and efficient method of total hardness removal, easy to start-up and uses very little space, remove total dissolved solids and bad odours.
  • Used for setting up batteries water plants

Centralized Filtration Plant/FTP/ATP


Technical Specifications

  • Vessel and media based latest technology filtration plants suitable for centralized system for apartments or many rulers water supply projects.
  • Can remove fluoride from water which is the major cause of floursis and other health disorders.
  • Capable to remove arsenic a harmful chemical generally found in water which leads to arsenic poisoning.
  • Iron, grit, odours, colors and other impurities present in ground water can be easily removed by using FTP and ATP

Washing Machine Softner Filter


Technical Specifications

Excellent solution for domestic washing machines. Supply good quality of water which results into foaming and enhancing washing capability of input water. Its based on latest USA technology with media filtration. It gives full protection to cloths as well as hands.

Sewage Treatment Plant/Swimming Pool


Technical Specifications

As per the latest Govt. guidelines it is mandatory for every commercial and residential buildings have to install sewage treatment plant to reduce water pollution. We provide solution for these treatment plants on case to case basis.